My Work

If I am asked to describe my photographic vision, it is all about finding those pockets of reality where mood meets the landscape. My style is heavily influenced by classic film photography and its aesthetics. In a world of instant gratification, photography has to live up to standards previously achieved by creators who had to master a vastly more arduous process.

I specialise in black and white photography of urban and  landscape scenes. For architectural and personal work, I use medium format and technical cameras – digital and analog.

Select images are available on this website as framed prints in the prints section.

If my work in said genres resonates with you, I am available for collaboration on commission for your endeavour – go ahead and reach out to me under contact!


Born and raised in Hildesheim, Germany in the 1980s, I moved to Karlsruhe in 2001 and further on to the Bodensee area to pursue my career as engineer in the space sector. 

I started to explore my creativity in music early in life. While my connection never really faded, the passion for photography took over, offering a whole new dimension of creativity to explore.

In recent years, I might have developed a penchant for sustainability and systematic technique, even in matters as subjective as photography. It is this balance – my own status quo – that drives me to challenge my photographic vision.


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